Guest House Style

Guest houses have become major style in Tokyo now.
We live with gathering together, you get pleasure much more.
Come on, join us!

Tori House   -  品川 西大井
Tori House     -   Nishi-O'i, Shinagawa, Tokyo

5 min walk to Nishi O'i station (JR Yokosuka line, JR Shonan-Shinjuku line)

Tori House room No2 Single room (6 mats)
Dormitory (2 persons) Internet (Fiber-optic, Wireless LAN, Shared PC)
Friend neighbors
Photo service for marriage
Japanese lesson
Entrepreneur support service

From Nishi-O'i station
   Shinagawa 3 min.
   Shibuya 11 min.
   Shinjuku 15 min.
   Yokohama 16 min.

Parma House   -  江戸川 葛西
Parma House     -   Kasai, Edogawa, Tokyo

11 min walk to Kasai station (Metro Tozai line)

Parma House room No1 Ladies only
Single room (7.5 mats + Storage)
Dormitory (2 persons)
Internet ADSL line (Wireless LAN available)

From Kasai station
   Otemachi 16 min.
   Takadanobaba 29 min.


Geshuku Style

Geshuku is Japanese traditional room share style like home stay.
There are various kind of Geshuku.
You can find geshuku houses you have been looking for.
Let's check it out!

Asia Africa House   -  杉並 久我山
Asia Africa House     -   Kugayama, Suginami, Tokyo

11 min walk to Kugayama station (Keio Inokashira line)

Asia Africa House You think "Am I in Tokyo?" around here. Very quiet. Just only propeller sound of plane. "Boooooom..."
Kandagawa river is near.
Cherry blossoms along Kandgawa river are very beatiful in spring.

Dormitory (2persons)
Internet (Wireless LAN)

From Kugayama station
    Shibuya 13 min.
    Shinjuku 18 min.
    Kichijoji 3 min.
    Shimokitazawa 9 min.


Guide of Japan

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